Business Valuations

The AJS team of professionals valuates all types of companies using the free cash-flow to firm, free cash-flow to equity models, the Gordon model, among others, to support sales or purchase decisions.

Its services also include:

  • company diagnosis;
  • definition and justification of growth assumptions;
  • production of a valuation report with price target;
  • dissemination of the operation to potential buyers;
  • support to the company in the sale/purchase negotiation;
  • legal support in the setting up of the operation.

AJS uses the latest computer tools to prepare the economic and financial analyses, identifies possible business constraints, and always proposes the best solutions.

To achieve the best results, the company adopts a number of procedures:

  • analysis of the company’s accounts, based on economic and financial indicators;
  • presentation of a detailed and annotated analysis of ratios;
  • implementation of alert systems based on economic and financial risk management;
  • presentation of solutions to correct/improve management-related details;
  • preparation of monthly, quarterly, and half-yearly supporting reports to decision-makers;
  • preparation of the tableau de bord or dashboards for the economic and financial analysis;
  • implementation of alert systems on management ratios;
  • analysis and monitoring risk of loss and bankruptcy.

In this respect, AJS examines a number of elements, in particular:

  • cost comparison with similar companies;
  • analysis of the company’s cost structure;
  • presentation of effective savings solutions to reduce current spending;
  • support to the company in negotiating better financing conditions for third-party services.

AJS prepares budgets and company recovery studies based on a step approach.

1st step: analysis of the economic and financial information;
2nd step: economic and financial analysis of the company;
3rd step: preparation of an economic and financial diagnosis;
4th step: analysis of the economic and financial variables critical to sustainability;
5th step: presentation of 5-year economic and financial projections;
6th step: simulation of scenarios in economic-financial projections.

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AJS is formed by a group of qualified experts in various areas of knowledge, who provide a number of services always taking into account the specific needs of each client.

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