Financial Accounting and Tax Affairs

The advisory service provided by AJS consists of producing the main accounting tools to enable a precise response to finding the best management solutions, and to provide stakeholders with information.

The advisory service covers the following tasks:

  • implement and monitor accounting procedures;
  • check various types of clients, suppliers, debtors and creditors;
  • check revenue and expenses (analytical reviews) for the financial period, analysing the main changes and comparing with the budgeted amounts;
  • salary processing;
  • monthly, quarterly, half-yearly and annual trial balances;
  • prepare financial statements (balance sheet, statement of profit and loss, statement of cash flow and financial report);
  • complete and send tax returns and their annexes;
  • supervise the delivery of tax and social security statements related to salary processing, organise the tax dossier;
  • close the accounts at the end of the financial year.
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AJS is formed by a group of qualified experts in various areas of knowledge, who provide a number of services always taking into account the specific needs of each client.

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