Consultancy and Actuarial Advisory Services

AJS offers services in the following areas: Non-life Insurance, Life Insurance and Pension Fund.

  • Calculation and implementation of technical provisions;
  • Preparation of the actuarial technical note for products and actuarial technical note for portfolios;
  • Modelling and analysis to determine the best reinsurance plan to be taken out by the company, with the purpose of minimising risks and maximising results, leading to the optimisation of capital;
  • Analysis of product price adequacy (pricing) to ensure that the desired profitability targets are met. Preparation of actuarial technical notes and general terms and conditions;
  • Preparation and implementation of new products;
  • Specific training.


Pension Fund
  • Assessment and administrative management of the defined contribution plans and defined benefit plans;
  • Assessment and actuarial management of defined benefit plans;
  • Preparation of actuarial technical reports (Client and/or Arseg);
  • Restructuring of the benefit plan in the redesign and pension plan conversion (defined benefit, defined contribution and variable contribution);
  • ALM – Asset Liability Management studies;
  • Benefit plan arrangement;
  • Specific training.
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AJS is formed by a group of qualified experts in various areas of knowledge, who provide a number of services always taking into account the specific needs of each client.

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